Hey All!

If you haven't heard of How To Destroy Angels yet, go check them out! The band is a dark Ambient project featuring Trent Reznor (NIN), Mariqueen Reznor (West Indian Girl),and Atticus Ross. If you like NIN, you will probably love HTDA also!

So, the groups first single "A Drowning" was released for remixing on Remix.NIN and Davidoth has remixed it. You can listen to the mix, add comments, rate the mix and download it here.


My band: Davidoth

2010-05-28 22:36:58 by nynght

Hey Everyone!

If your interested in Electronica music, in the Trance - Ambient - Experimental catigories, Then check out my band Davidoth. Our Last.FM page has a ton of songs to stream, plus two free albums. #WIN!

You can also follow me (@Dave_Radcliffe) and the band (@Davidoth) on Twitter for frequent updates.